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Guide to Real Estate Lingo

Half Bath Courtesy Viral Nova


Realtors® are never supposed to misrepresent anything real estate. While many of us are able to convert concept into words understood, sometimes industry lingo leads to confusion. Seeking clarity, offered is an visual example to answer the question - "what is a half bath"? Continue Reading...

House Cleaning Wilmar’s Trees


Wilmar Estate

It has been a while since the trees on the Wilmar Estate received kind attention. Bedraggled with years of over growth some pruning was necessary to maintain their health and beauty.

Cleaning house in a tree requires a different skill set. Part acrobat, part chef, this man from BC Tree Service wielded his change saw with the precision of a finely sharpened knife - this while strung from a rope. Few sushi chefs could match his combined skill. Continue Reading...

Reverse Densification

Wosk House 49th and Granville


At 49th and Granville a mansion previously owned by Ben Wosk stood for decades. Not long ago that home was torn down in favor of Granville Gardens - a seniors housing complex.

Longing for what once was, imagined is that some heritage folks may have toasted retribution in acknowledgement to the destruction of the mansion as last week's severe and unfortunate fire destroyed most of the nearly completed four story senior's building. Further imagined is that others more radical, might view the fire as a primal method used to enforce reverse densification.

Wosk Mansion

Courtesy Vancouver Archives

What's Left