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Is the Vancouver Market Out of Breath?


Blip Before Carnage

As average prices increased throughout the year market watchers began to think it would never stop. That changed in September as average prices for Vancouver's detached homes experienced a small retreat.

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Vancouver Did It Again

Spiraling House Price



You may have thought you were in love with the idea of houses in Vancouver becoming affordable. Politicians acting like Britney Spears 'made you believe you were more than just friends" and like Britney, they "made you believe affordability was possible."

Now with August setting another all time record Average Price my guess is that the best response the Politicians will give you is - "Oops I did it again!"

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Vancouver’s Inventory Turtles

painted turtles on log

Loser - Winner

Total Active Listings haven't been this low at this time of year in eight years. If you are Selling a home consider yourself a winner of sorts as prices continue to increase. But you could be a loser if you sold and are now trying buy a home in Vancouver. Caution says secure that purchase in advance of your sale. Continue Reading...