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Vancouver’s Hot Stats


What's Hot

If you were selling your Vancouver home in October you are probably now looking for a house. With inventory down the heat is turned up if you are trying to find that perfect place. Continue Reading...

Vancouver’s October Average Prices Stumble


Month of The Dead

Last night was Halloween - an evening where all things scary seem possible. An evening where Vancouverites use the "most powerful weapon in the human arsenal, the power of humor and ridicule to confront the power of death."1

Market ghouls might presume October's Halloween numbers a treat - an impending death of Vancouver's real estate market. Vancouver's trick - robust sales that counter the presumption. Continue Reading...

Guide to Real Estate Lingo

Half Bath Courtesy Viral Nova


Realtors® are never supposed to misrepresent anything real estate. While many of us are able to convert concept into words understood, sometimes industry lingo leads to confusion. Seeking clarity, offered is an visual example to answer the question - "what is a half bath"? Continue Reading...