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Welcome to Vancouver


Welcome To Canada

There has been much discourse and speculation about the number of New Canadian Friends who have purchased homes in Vancouver. In equal measure some believe that our New Friends have driven Vancouver's housing prices beyond local purchasing power. Continue Reading...

A Billion Reasons Why It Won’t Stop

China tianaman

The Beat Goes On

Median prices for June 2015 reflected a busy and ever more expensive market for detached homes in the majority of the neighbourhoods in Vancouver West, Vancouver East, North and West Vancouver. Continue Reading...

Really! How Stupid Are You?


Seriously Are You That Stupid?

Without prejudice and at the risk of whining or starting an industry war there are times when I just have to call it as I see it.

With 12,000 or more real estate practitioners in Vancouver it is inevitable that you will encounter those who are either stupid, unskilled, incredibly lazy, lacking ethic and ultimately unprofessional. These characteristics are an unfortunate by-product of the business and depending on your perspective this particular Realtor® may possess all of these attributes. I'll leave that for you to decide. Continue Reading...