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Translation: Chinese Laundry = Vancouver Real Estate


Chinese Laundry

Is Kathy Tomlinson of Globe and Mail suggesting in couched terms that Canada has become a Chinese Laundry? It seems our politicians know this and haven't got the balls to stop financial institutions who help new Canadian friends load up the Maple leaf emblazoned laundry basket.

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Everything You Wanted To Know – Vancouver West Homes


Vancouver West - Almost the Whole Picture

Everybody scrambles to get the Stats in one place. While this isn't perfect it's a start on building that picture.

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Government Fiddle Burns Vancouver Real Estate



Our government has fiddled and the Vancouver Real Estate Market is burning. Regardless of where you sit at the Tax argument table what is certain is that the 15% Foreign National Tax attributed to property purchases has clearly disrupted the Vancouver real estate market. Absolute is that WD-40 will not kill the fire nor stop the squeak in this government authored intervention.

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