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Record Year – Not Likely

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Didn't Make It

Assuming the best it appears that the Total Active Listings count in the lower mainland for 2014 has peaked.

It was a close race with 2011 where on Aug 1 Total Active Listings reached 24,405. This year with only a few days left in the month the tally is only 300 listings apart -a number that quickly expires at month end and one that might leave us neck and neck with 2011. Continue Reading...

West Coast Wander


Water Wanders

It's summer time in Vancouver and while the real estate market continues to hum along I shut off the lights, locked the doors and found some down time. The telling is in the pictures. Continue Reading...

Vancouver Median Price Hat Trick


Hat Trick

It was, some say, during a cricket match in 1858 that the term Hat Trick came to be. In June, in our median price comparison of four Vancouver communities, three scored median price increases. Following hockey tradition, it remains to be seen if hats are thrown into streets of these communities. Continue Reading...