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BC Real Estate Wraps Up with a Balanced Year


One Word

According to our good friend Cameron Muir over at the British Columbia Real Estate Association the 2014 provincial real estate market is wrapped in one word - balanced. Continue Reading...

Ultimate Home Staging

Roller Coaster_taking buyer for a ride

Twisted Staging

When selling your home the inevitable question is asked - "if we stage our home will we get a better price and quicker sale?" It is a roller coaster question replete with ups and downs. If you are bold, your staging like this example, can take your potential home buyers for a ride.

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A Crying Tree


Too Cold

If you live in Vancouver B.C., Canada's Lotus land, the thought of sub-zero temperatures upsets most people. In my neighbourhood it was so cold some trees were so upset by the cold weather that they cried frozen tears.

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