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BC Government Will Ensure That This Never Happens Again


Angel Faced

It was only a couple of years ago that our cherub like Premier apologized for almost a century of Chinese discrimination. A few short days ago she announced B.C.'s now infamous 15% Property Purchase tax to be levied on foreign nationals. The not so secret target - mainland Chinese! Continue Reading...

Vancouver’s Average Price Addiction


Couch Potatoes

In July Attached sales were down 20%. Apartment Sales 7% and that pinnacle of all things good in Vancouver the Detached home, had sales down 30%.

Are we to assume that Vancouver home Buyers can no longer take it. Have they decided to battle their addiction choosing instead to sit on their couches and watch the greatest real estate show on earth?

Continue Reading...

How Different Is It?


In the 1880's when they comprised 50% of the population the Chinese didn't seem a problem. Continue Reading...