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Vancouver Average Price

Sun and Snowflakes

The sunshine of the province's national property purchase tax was supposed to improve affordability. Not so says the Vancouver real estate market. For now, that plan is blanketed with snowflakes of escalating home prices.

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Taxes, Rain on Vancouver Average Home Prices

Sunshine and Lots of Rain

Our government's sunshine dream that a foreign national property purchase tax would improve affordability, has after two solid months of rain, washed away. The accumulation of rain appears to have affected the Vancouver market as average prices once more floated upward.

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Stats Don’t Lie – Is Vancouver Real Estate in a Hole?

Market Dynamics and the Big Fan

The Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board's latest monthly report said it in a gentle manner - "market dynamics are changing". If you are a Donald Trump 'deplorable', you might say "dah shit has hit the fan'. Continue Reading...