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Vancouver Median Detached Price Positive


All Arrows Up

Median price values have the function of mitigating extremes in Average price values. Though not a perfect measure they are one more arrow in analyst's quiver. December's Median Price results of West Vancouver, Vancouver West, North Vancouver and East Vancouver are notable as all four arrow point up. Continue Reading...

We Won’t Make It


511 Stall

It is during this first week of January when the annual count of Active Listings reach their lowest point. Stalled at a difference of 511 - recorded on January 5, is the number that separates the 2014 active listing low point and the lowest point recorded for 2010. Continue Reading...

Vancouver’s December 2014 Stats Don’t Lie


Up Is Typical

When asked how the Vancouver Real Estate market is performing the typical answer will be 'up'. As you know Stats Never Lie and according to the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board's monthly report that claims the exception of a balanced market - prices are going up.

Continue Reading...