Concrete and Ashphalt

Few Blocks

In Vancouver there are a few blocks on Broadway from MacDonald to Blenhiem, that exudes a certain cache that reflects the surrounding neighbourhood.

How Yah Doin?

You know you are there when you amble down the street and the shop keepers call your name, ask you how you’re doing and when asked, take the time to tell you how they are fairing. These few blocks of Broadway are sunny, busy and vibrant.It’s alive! It’s a part of the neighbourhood where when you utter to passers-by “Good Morning, howsit goin”, you’ll often be greeted with a smile and a “fine Thanks”.


There are other sections of Broadway that are interesting as well, but, somehow this part feels like home.It could be any day, sunny days being the best, when this part of the street is packed with neighbourhood characters.They are the trademarks who have established their patch on this little strip of home.

The Man

One of my favourites is Jimmy.He’s the head sales guy at Finn’s, a gentleman’s clothing store.I like Jimmy! He always has a ready smile, takes life as it comes, loves his Mac computer and sells some pretty good clothes.

Keen Eye

An enduring vision of Jimmy is of the happy smiling Bhudda – the one whose tummy you rub and get good fortune in return. Jimmy and I get along just fine. He has a keen eye and his cloth know how tells him that nothing on his rack of suits and jackets will ever fit a body like mine. Take a moment to visualize short, square box. If you too are blessed with this characteristic, rest assured that Italian designers will never invite you to lunch. However, with Jimmy’s help the chances increase.

Nip and Tuck

Jimmy skills have succeeded a number of times. The ladies from Wyoming will tell you that “he cleaned me up real good!” For that I and the ladies thank him.Jimmy’s talents with alterations, you know kind – the nip here the tuck there, made me pretty! He’s kind of a cloth surgeon.

Upon Your Arrival

If you are in this part of our neighbourhood take a stroll down this part of Broadway. You can find Jimmy standing at the front door to the shop. He’ll be there taking in life, observing and greeting people as they pass or more often stop and talk.

Keepin Kitsilano

Jimmy is what’s happening. He is happy to share his view on life, golf, hockey, gadgets and those things make our Kitsilano neighbourhood interesting.


Jimmy is one of the sticks with which our community is built. His presence brightens our community making this little bit of concrete and asphalt interesting and vibrant.


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*Disclaimer: Statistics Courtesy REBGV. While believed to be accurate they are not guaranteed.
**Numbers provided may vary as they are dynamically posted by the REBGV.

Reader Comments:

David Honigsberg Says:
November 4th, 2008 at 7:44 am

I came across this posting on Finn’s, in particular Jim Hodson and would also like to add a comment. I’ve been buying my clothes at Finn’s for the past 26 years, including the last 17 years I’ve been living in Toronto. Reason…..JIM HODSON. I make my yearly summer vacation trip out to Vancouver making sure that it doesn’t conflict with Jim and his beautiful partner Sheri’s vacation in order to include Finn’s on my itinerary which is always the highlight. The quality of product bought by Jim and his knowledge along with his personable nature and customer service are unsurpassed. His business acumen, ethics and common sense should be studied at business schools across Canada. It’s always a pleasure going to Finn’s. I’m surprised that the City of Vancouver hasn’t declared Finn’s on Broadway a Heritage Site and Jim Hodson a National Treasure. I have only one negative comment which comes from my 14 year old son Matthew. He says that Jim has to practice a little more before he tries his one and only card trick on him.

David Honigsberg

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