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Bob Vila was always a favourite. His long running “This Old House” TV series inspired me. There were so many exciting changes and improvements he made to old homes. His fabulous ideas made old beauties young and pretty again. Along with the new drill and hammer found under the Christmas tree, his videos launched the dream of becoming a fine craftsman. While it seemed that Bob spoke to me personally, it was a one sided discussion. Enter the dragon. Vila – Web 2.0 style.


With refurber you no longer have to do-it-totally-yourself. Get useful advice from our community before you start. There are home renovators, craftspeople, DIY’ers and plenty of other ‘handy’ people hanging out. You can ask the community a question, upload your project photos or write some advice of your own.

This is great! This is exciting! Deliverance is at hand. Online help with my dream bird house. Notebook, digital camera to capture and share each stage, power cords, hammer and drill all under arm. Eagerly bumping along with smile from ear to ear. With the speed of good bandwith its off to the workbench for a Refurber community project moment. Online discussion, help, suggestions a click away. Oh joy, the dream is about to become reality!

But wait! Was the tipsy can of varnish part of the dream?

Fast forward to Next week’s Garage Sale

Notebook with varnish enhanced keyboard and digital camera. Both solid performers. Missing power supplies but slightly used drill and hammer are included. Offers?

Bob, you’re still the man.

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