The Smell of fresh baked Cookies is good – Making it Pretty is the game on the Web

You can never say enough about making a house for sale pretty. Browsing Rain City Guide a Seattle Blog, I stumbled on Galen Ward’s thoughts on how “Photo’s are worth a thousand words (and a lot of money too). Galen is a get to the point kind of guy. In a few sentences, he quickly comes to a dramatic summary. He draws a comparison of two listed properties one with photos and the other without, and suggests that the one with no photos may be worth as much as $25,000 less. Why? Simple! Hunting on the web for information is brutal. Referring to this hunting characteristic, Galen calls it his “reptilian complex”. Houses for sale without pictures equates to instant dismissal. Is she right – if you can’t see it, do you bother to read the fine print?.

Instant Sense

Our sight is the first and may be the only sense that we use on the web. When they develop scent technology so we can savour fresh baked cookies, we might linger without a picture. Today’s tech is all we have, so pictures are absolute. Using the web to do house hunting guarantees, the first house with pictures – many pictures, will get your attention. Those without, are instantly doomed.


It is the same effect for me as Realtor®. My hunt for properties that are suitable for clients is no different. I react the same way. No pictures and I am gone. I am a lot less patient, so the gone, is usually faster than the time it takes to hear the click of the mouse button. It is the nature of the web. It is fast, it’s mean and like Galen, it is to the point. No picture, no interest, no sale! Yes, it is brutal. Welcome to Selling 2.0!

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Greg Swan, of Bloodhound blog fame, helps us understand the importance of taking effective and interesting house photos that are eye candy to prospective buyers. Every bit of glue helps.

Help is Near

In our neighbourhood, we have a resident photo wizard. Wayne is at Lens and Shutter on Broadway. I met Wayne a very short while after moving to Kitsilano. Always ready to help with your camera needs he offers many good tips that will improve your skills and help make your pictures pretty.

Thanks to Galen, Greg and Wayne for great ideas.

I’m Guilty

As I’m about to post this I realize that I don’t have a picture here in this blog. I wonder if you would have been more inclined to read this had a picture of a reptile been included.

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Reader Comments:

Galen Says:
November 3rd, 2007 at 8:07 pm

I’m pretty sure I wrote that post on Rain City Guide, not Russ! Our way of laying out names and photos is more than a little confusing – I can understand why you might have thought it was Russ. Thanks for the link!

November 3rd, 2007 at 10:15 pm


On the Way to the Forum

It’s one of those don’t always believe-what-you see things!. RainCity is having let’s call them troubles, getting the right picture connected to the right author. While I browsed the blog I saw the avatar next to the text posted my piece giving credit to the picture associated with the post. Here’s where assumptions bite you in the ass. Russ Cofano was origanally credited with the post because his picture was there. WRONG! It’s actually Galen Ward’s post. Galen was kind enough to point this out to me. Thanks Galen. Funny thing is our respective posts are about the value of pictures. Another great Real Estate lesson hammered home. READ THE FINE PRINT!

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