BlogAds make me Cranky


Couple of my buddies asked why I don’t have any ads on my blog.

Simple, I never click on them and I don’t know anybody who does. This blog is supposed to be about things going on in our community, what people are up to, and of course real estate stuff. The raison d’etre, is to provide as much helpful information about real estate as possible but, I admit, I do find myself going to those other places for fun. It’s where quirky observations of life reside.

Another thing, I don’t like the look of blogs that have ads on them. So many “whiz-bang” things going on that it’s a distraction from the reason you came here in the first place. Ads on a blog remind me of the old BowMac sign on Broadway. While hoping to pay attention to the busy traffic, you just couldn’t keep your eyes off the flashing neon sign.

Annoying aren’t they!

Update 2011 – well at least the ones here don’t blink. 🙂

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