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Some days just have nothing to do with Vancouver Real Estate. On one such day, it was just nice to meet up with an old friend and have some coffee and talk about things that are much more important – at least for the first 20 minutes. It was one those cold, dreary, and drizzle-wet winter’s day we get so often during a Vancouver winter.



At one end of the block is the ubiquitous Star Bucks with the paper cup mermaid logo. On the other end was the Wicked Cafe. Upon entering I the hum of customers engrossed in conversations both live and digital with coffee’s at the ready for those interrupted moments. So far, so good. I resigned to this just being a typical neighbourhood coffee house until the product was delivered.

Drinkable Art


I had odered my hot chocolate. What I got instead was a piece of art that I could drink. It was delicious! Their slogan is ‘Coffee you’d Sell Your Soul For’ and while some might, I’d rather just enjoy it full bodied.

Strolling down around 7th and Hemlock? Treat yourself, have some art you can drink.

Here’s a reveiw of the cafe dated ’05.

They also have a site but it appears to be inactive. I assume they are too busy making coffee that is pleasing to taste and easy on the eyes.

With my 20 minutes finished, and knowing that I can’t tell you much about coffee other than I drink a lot of it, I have to engage old habits and say that if you have a Vancouver Real Estate question? I’ll do my best to answer it. Call or send me an email. Larry

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