Vancouver Real Estate a Three Ring Circus

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It’s a Circus

These days, every conversation starts with “How’s the market doing? Is it up? Is it down? What do you think is going to happen?” Rarely do we get to the part where I’m asked “how are you?” Really, who cares how I am! Of consummate importance is finding a trend to the Vancouver Real Estate. Civility does not hold a candle to the Greatest Show on Earth.


I always use analogies to help clients, friends and others consider a simple comparison to the topic at hand. So in order to best describe the Vancouver Market the Real Estate Circus was born.

Cotton Candy Anyone?

This circus is not your average midway with noisy rides or the stuff we see at the PNE. You won’t see the 4H here – not a chance. Cotton Candy, forget it! No! I’m talking about the Barnum and Bailey style of circus. Exotic animals, freaks, and sideshows of ladies with facial hair. The real McCoy – the big time! So it is with Vancouver’s world class circus. Not to be out-done, it too has a Big Top and like all Big Tops, Vancouver’s Big Top holds within it’s shroud of canvas, pure frenzy.

That’s Entertainment

The chaos of high prices, lower rates, fundamentals, Olympics, pre-sales, bubble blogs,bank reports, CMHC outlooks, myths and realities,ReMax and Royal Lepage opinions dominate. The value conversations aimed at homes, condos and apartments explode resonating percentages gained and potentially lost as the calliope plays. It’s a circus all right and it’s great one.


Photo Credit: Flickr-Circus Three Rings-Missgillian

Every Big Top has three rings for the acts, all governed by the Ring Master’s whip. In Vancouver’s Big Top, the ring at the far end is the Bear act. Predictably, they growl and spew their contempt at the unaffordability of living space.

The ring in the middle holds the Bulls. They are the antithesis, opposing anything negative as with profit in their eyes they stamp their cloven hooves snorting their readiness to charge.

In the third ring closest, are the IF-ONLYS.. A unique troupe, who thrive on wishing. They possess a characteristic of a rare bird, the famously indecisive Mugwump. A flightless fowl, it possesses an uncanny ability to balance precariously on the wire of decision hanging their Mug on one side and their Wump opposite.


Adding to the cacophony of sounds are clowns of distraction. They work their respective Bear and Bull rings vociferously demanding the Ring Master crack his whip to center attention on their act. Each seeks priority with shouts of “Look here – see what we know, trust us, our act is the best, we guarantee to be crowd pleasers!” Wishing in contrast, IF-ONLYS’ clowns in sad face Burlesque, drool pleas of quiet indecision.

Ticket Please

Vancouver’s Big Top – get your ticket to a conversation about Vancouver Real Estate.

It’s a circus with a guarantee you’ll enjoy the show.

Got a Vancouver Real Estate question? I’ll do my best to answer it. Call or send me an email.

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