Boxes of Change


It was time. The elderly couple had decided to sell their large home and move to a Condo.

The Reasons Many

The move, fortunately, was not precipitated by ill health or finances but, rather a reasoned approach to meet their current needs. Living the retirement dream, they found that their annual journeys to far away sunny places meant their home remained unused for extended periods during which the home either sat empty or was occupied by a house sitter. For many years this formula worked. As age crept along this arrangement became inconvenient and finally proved unsatisfactory as the house was now becoming a burden of worried concern.

A Good Thing

With the decision to go forward began the process of making the home ready for sale. While viewing their home and gathering information a problem of magnitude appeared for their home has vast crawl spaces in which was stored an incredible number of possessions. Each crawl space was crammed to the brim. Such was the number of stored items that it was impossible to see the full dimension of these spaces. With surprise, the words “what will you do with all of this stuff” flew out as the doors burst open to the two massive crawl spaces.

How Did This Get Here?

Although well organized, the boxes of unused books, hobbies, power tools, garden tools, left over paints, counter top appliances, rugs, lamps, plaques, certificates of accomplishment, children’s art and a million memories occupied every square inch of the storage area. Accumulated in these cavernous areas was a lifetime of stuff. Unopened dusty boxes proclaimed certainty that cherished items acquired had become distant memories. Within, was a lifetime of gathering – a life time of memories. Now, forced by the inevitability of the move, these memories would be revisited one last time as the minimal condo storage space precluded their continuance.

Throwing It All Away

Watching this couple it was obvious they were contending with an unforeseen dilemma of change. How do you throw away memories? Where do you start? Which one will be the first? Can we give them to someone in the hope they will survive and be valued as they had done? Standing beside them you witness the stress of change while they voice whether family members or friends will want and cherish their most precious items. You share in the doubt as it begins with the inevitable realization that their memories while important to them, may well be cast aside as meaningless within the lives of their beneficiaries?

Time Passing

As a Realtor, it is a sad moment to be in the presence of others as they look upon the sign posts of their life’s accomplishments knowing in their heart that for others, those sign posts may be considered inconsequential or worse, irrelavant.


The move to the condo means some boxes will upon removal, be opened one last time. From within those few, contents will be held in awe and reviewed with reverence, as memories are relived. Others will be emptied, their contents almost casually discarded. Fewer still, will be repacked with the most important treasures. These to be shared amongst family in the hope their flame survives. Some will never be opened. Within those will remain the memories of life’s changes lost forever in the sealed darkness.

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