Vancouver Real Estate Average Price

Everybody Loves a Picture

This one is of Vancouver Real Estate’s Average prices. For those cashing in your freedom chips, it is possible that we are now at our historical highest level. To those planning to get into the market this picture may give you nightmares.

Times May Be Changing

Vancouver has not seen a serious blip in its market for a very long time. In the days ahead it may become more clear that we could be near the top in this cycle as we are starting to experience more price reductions in a market that is saturated with over 18,000 listings.

Some History

1977 is the start date from which the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board started to keep these statistics. In my volunteer days at the board I had found the paper copies of the earliest average statistics residing in an obscure dark green filing cabinet. The monthly numbers were religiously kept in paper format as paper was the only method available before computers and business software became mainstream at the board. Recognizing the importance of making this information available to my fellow Realtors I pleaded with the EO at the time to be allowed to take them into my possession and transpose the numbers to Excel. Fine he said, but only if I photocopied them first. After all this was valuable information. I recall that it was hundreds of pages.

Reference Map

Arriving home with a box of papers I began to record the data on my 10 mhz XT with a 60 megabyte hard drive. Even though you can’t see it, I like to think that my thumb print is on this picture. The highlight back then was watching the picture take form as the monthly numbers were entered becoming alive in Excel. A number of weeks passed before I delivered a copy of the data file to the board on a floppy disk. From that point forward they have since maintained the data input. Referred to often by many Realtors and the general public it is a great reference map of Vancouver Real Estate’s historical average price.

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Reader Comments:

July 6th, 2008 at 6:12 pm

Larry, looks like a labor of love, so much detail. I bet you were meticulous with keeping backups. I wonder how many file format changes you went through.

July 6th, 2008 at 6:41 pm

Actually it started out in Excel and remains an Excel file to this day with software upgrades of course.

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