Vancouver Real Estate – Toto Loves Campbell’s

Toto Understands

Courtesy MGM

Dorothy’s desire to find her way home to Kansas parallels the increasing pressure on Sellers and Buyers of Vancouver Real Estate. It’s palpable! Frustration grows as the market continues it’s less than spectacular decline. (see previous posts for numbers).

For these Sellers memories from past years of ever escalating price increases prevail. A number of them appear to be wrapped in blankets to warm themselves from the cooling market. They serve to deny the basic forces of economics and more simply, life’s cycles. Pointedly, the blankets chafe the timeless wisdom of what goes up must come down.

Unsettling is the sight of red rhinestone shoes poking out from under the blanket as heals click while the mumbled sound of Dorothy’s refrain there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home! filters through.

Film Noir

For Buyers, it’s a movie of confusion. They know they are not in Kansas. Instead, they find themselves standing in front of a seven foot high display case of Campbell’s soup. Their challenge, to find that one tin of soup that equates their desire to find the best home.


With a historically high number of listings, the available choices leave them vague, unfocused and a little uneasy. Which soup will it be? Chunky Beef, Cream of Celery, Chicken Noodle, Asparagus, or Broccoli and Cheese? Bewildered they reach for the Broccoli and Cheese but anxiously bring their arm back thinking maybe Chicken noodle will do? They can’t decide.

Price and Flavor Please

This is our current market. The frustration and pressure for both Seller and Buyer are enormous. Sellers must make their home more beneficial,attractive and financially enticing. Like tins of soup, each home must provide product quality, price and flavor to help focus the Buyer away from all the other choices available to that one tin that meets their need.

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