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That Was Interesting

About a week ago in the Once Upon a Time post I talked about Vancouver Real Estate prices in 1988.

Tea Cups

After that post one of my readers, Mila Wong, Mortgage Specialist at the Scotia Bank at Broadway and MacDonald called to say that the post sparked her memory of a box that had hidden itself in her house.

She related that inside were Tea Cups formerly belonging to an elderly relative. As she told the story, she remembered that they were wrapped in newspaper but wasn’t sure about the paper’s publication date.

Revisiting the formerly hidden box, she found that the tea cups were well protected wrapped in newspaper from the Vancouver Sun. Her pleasant surprise, the wrapping was the classified Real Estate section of Vancouver Sun‘s homes for sale dated January 12, 1954.

FRAGILE Handle With Care

The paper by now was well beyond brittle approaching parchment texture. She told me that she carefully, very carefully, unwrapped a few cups of which we see the scanned result of her efforts. She graciously offered the paper to me with the hope that it might be of interest to take yet a further look back into Vancouver Real Estate history.

Not Often

You can spend hours at the public library or city archives searching for this type information. It’s not often that you are lucky to have someone drop it in your lap. It’s nice to know that others recognize such simple value and who are prepared to make the effort to pass their good fortune along so that other might share. That’s community.

Salery Commensurate

I suspect that with these prices the saleries of the day were commensurate with the prices. While it may have been just as difficult to save up and buy a home back in 1954 it seems unlike today’s market place.

I’m speculating, but I think young people today, have a much harder time of it. Got a story about your ability or desire to buy a home? Others need to know. Maybe even a politician or two.

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*Disclaimer: Statistics Courtesy REBGV. While believed to be accurate they are not guaranteed.
**Numbers provided may vary as they are dynamically posted by the REBGV.

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