Palm Trees and Snow


The financial shake up in our world has brought many a sense of dread, despair and unrest. Whether it’s the stock market, car sales, municipal , federal politics or reading a wet newspaper it all becomes a bit warring. In equal measure, the local effect of the Vancouver real estate market decline has taken its toll amongst clients and friends.

Noise Level

Daring to utter words such as “hell it isn’t that bad”, resounds with a roar from Bears as they tap their claws seemingly glued to dusty keyboards. To them it is a battle cry to pounce and denounce such heresy with statistics, self important opinion and rant. Such is their eargerness that the Bull’s snort is overpowered by the din.

On The Other Side

Looking to find the good side of things one takes notes. Vancouver home prices are dropping, more slowly than some would like, but life is like that. The sun came up this morning but you couldn’t see it because of rain clouds so too one accepts that life is like that – tomorrow may be brighter. The tides in the ocean came and went. Life is like that. The earth revolved and 24 hours later here we are once again. Life is like that too.

Finding Happy

Viewing the notes taken one may see these things as part of our destiny. An apparant acknowledgement is that these things are beyond our individual control – life is like that. Being inevitable, at question is why do we have a Bearish penchant to dwell on stuff that makes us unhappy.

Don’t Look Far

Consider the simple things that do make us happy. A case in point was brought to mind by a friend in Bonita Springs Florida. Chris Griffith directed me to a picture she had taken where children found happiness in a simple event that we in Vancouver, take for granted as a seasonal occurrence. Unlike the children, we have lost the sense of value that such a simple pleasure brings.

In Front of You

There are many ironies in this picture that reflect the thoughts of how life is like that. Snow and palms trees seem out of sync with each other and yet the children don’t underdstand nor do they care the it seems incongruent. Their mission of the day is the simple happiness garnered from playing in snow.

We in this city are lucky to have many good things. It’s all right in front of us. Friends, diversity of people and place, water, mountains, safety and the luxury of living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Yet, we don’t enjoy these simple beauties. In our current time they are overshadowed by the down in the cycle.

Shining the Light

It’s hard to lighten up. The burdens from the other side are heavy and drain smiles. Laughter in the face of adversity is a great solution when adversity presents itself as cyclical destiny. Take heart, in knowing the sun will come up and another opportunity to smile comes tomorrow. If it helps, think about the kids in this picture. Maybe all you need is a little snow.


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