Devilish Sympathy

Sympathy For The Devil

Around 1969 Mick Jagger, of the Rolling Stones, was about to begin a concert with these famous lyrics –

Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m a man of wealth and taste

I’ve been around for a long, long year

Stole many a mans soul and faith

And I was round when Jesus Christ

Had his moment of doubt and pain

Facing the crushing worship of fans seeking to bask in the glow of their idol, Jagger uttered these words of warning

“Ooooohh Babies, there are so many of you, just be cool down in front there – don’t push around, keep still – keep together!”

Vancouver’s Condo Concerts

It was not uncommon in the years leading up to the spring of 2008, to witness a similar spectacle. It was hard to miss the day long line ups of pre-sale condo buyers camping on the street. Like the Stones crowd, they were anxious to plunk down their deposit for the chance to buy into projects like the H & H in their hope of getting closer to their golden idol. Front row seats it was said, would provide the best vantage point from which to experience the glow.

Today, the glow has vanished. Yet, the lyrics ring true for those buyer’s whose dilemma is to off-load front row seats in the downward spiral of the Vancouver condo market.

No Sympathy For The Flippers

Pre-Sale Condo Concerts are strange events. They are risky! There are no refunds if it rains. As a ticket scalper, it’s not that you didn’t understand and it’s not that you were not warned. The CBC gave you a heads up that trouble was on the horizon.

“But what’s puzzling you?”

Knowing this, can you really expect sympathy?

The Glow “Stole Many a Mans Soul…”

Some condo buyers ignored the warnings. Now they hear loud thumping in their ears and have pockets rattling in steady rhythm with Vancouver real estate’s down beat as they come to understand that the glow has “stolen many a man’s soul.”

In particular, speculative buyers of the H & H project, particularly dislike the throbbing condo drum. Global Television reports that, many are walking away from their deposits.

Timing – “Tis the nature of the game”

Holding your ticket you’ll notice that the only words on it are the price and the stipulation that the band will turn up and play! It doesn’t guarantee the music will be a crowd pleaser or that you will make a profit. It doesn’t say things won’t change. It doesn’t say global economics will have a melt down and it doesn’t say that the outcome of your decision to buy the ticket will be good or bad. It says nothing, that “is the nature of the game!”

“Moment of Doubt and Pain”

Like the Hell’s Angels who brought a chaotic close to the Stones concert, the Bowra Group, H & H’s court appointed receiver, made it clear in this Global TV report, that they are about to “introduce themselves” to those buyers who chose to walk away. Whether it be in or out of court, they can expect Bowra to say these devilish words;

“Pleased to meet you.”

“Hope you guessed my name.”


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**Quotes from “Sympathy for the Devil” – Rolling Stones with appreciation.

Didn’t Get Enough?

Here is the full tune from The Bridges to Babylon Tour

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