In A Rut?


Vancouver’s snow silence is greeted with whining wheels of fury as cars battle their way down city streets. Within hours two narrow grooves are entrenched. Deep they are, making escape barely possible. The furrows in southern Wyoming rock left by early settlers in prairie wagons, is in quick time, matched by Vancouver’s rut.

Weather Warning

A great number of Vancouver home sellers in past seasons of 2008 experienced a similar creation. Weatherman warned of the impending change. The sudden aggressive snowfall matched the quick downturn of the Vancouver real estate market. As snow fell, cars with summer tires found passage hopeless. Soon abandoned, they remained stuck in the rut created by those who had passed earlier. Sellers of Vancouver homes unable to adjust to the changed condition, clung in the hope of selling at a higher price. Now unachievable, they like cars abandoned, are in a rut.

Out in The Cold

Being stuck in the snow is no fun. Removing yourself from the predicament means getting wet, cold, and frustrated. Invariably, it takes help to push or pull you out of the impasse. Additionally, a simple tool such as a shovel will help remove the snow blocking your way. Combined, both reduce the time and expense of not arriving at your destination.

Need a Tow

Selling your home in the current Vancouver market is much like digging out of that rut. When you are stuck, an aggressive hard working Realtor, can bring forward the tools necessary to get the job done. That Realtor can also provide a strategy to minimize and simplify the process, thereby shortening the time you will be left standing in the cold wet snow. There is nothing fancy about it. The effort and commitment it takes to get your car out of the snow and your home sold are the same. Required understanding is knowing the difference between needing and wanting to get your car out of the rut.


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Reader Comments:

Cynthia Says:
December 29th, 2008 at 11:30 am

wow, Larry, it looks like you went out early early in the morning and got the header photo… I appreciate your good writing and the analogy between digging out of a snow/icy rut and the ‘soft’ (like wet BC snow?) and scary housing market. Great word picture here of you going to work to get people where they want to go.

All the best!

Cynthia at

December 29th, 2008 at 11:57 am


thanks for the kind words.

PS: not necessary to spam a comment with your URL. It’s bad form.

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