2010 Olympic’s Message = Price of Stamp

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Lick It

Canada post has increased the cost of mailing a letter. It’s now 54 cents to send paper somewhere. It’s ok, because as we drag our tongue across the glue, Canada post reminds us in picture of our pain. The cost of those colorful neatly piled rocks will challenge us for years as beasts of burden as we struggle to pay for our expensive Olympic party.

Olympic Mud Fest

Spirited debate and great concern over the financial circumstance of the Olympic Village rages. The gangs of “I TOLD YOU SO’s”, the “NOT ME’s” and the “ISN’T MY FAULT’s” have come to shout and point. Citizens, politicians, newspapers and blogs are buzzing with opinion. It’s a great mud fest. Unfortunately, this competition will not be recognized as a official winter sport on the 2010 Olympic venue.

Planning the Party

On reflection, the desire to involve our city in the 2010 Olympic venue was put to a vote and passed. The result to go forward was decided, leaving some people happy and others not so.


Until recently citizens at large heard “the budget is under control.” They assumed, we assumed and they planned. We were cajoled into believing that all was calculated with care, prudent judgment and reasoned assumptions. The plan was good. Dreams of speed skating and downhill runs made us forget that within assumption is risk. History’s mirror has a single assurance – imagined ASSumptions often reflect the image of an ass.

The Gamble

History will also determine if the assumptions were off by several million. Who knows? The roulette wheel hasn’t stopped. Until it does, that too could be a bad assumption – it could be a billion or two. The rise and fall of political entities, in camera sessions, leaks, high level dismissals and resignations, the Vancouver Real estate market and global financial crises all serve in the mud slinger’s battle. Outstretched the fingers point in their inevitable slow turn towards the taxpayer!


Concluded is that with time in short supply, squabbling over details will not solve the problem. As before, we’ll borrow, have a good time and deal with the hang over as we clean up later. After all, it is only money! Knowing well that in our lifetime we can’t repay the loans, we’ll tell our grand kids why it’s important that they too should share in the burden of our joy. Let’s not forget little ones, it was a party to celebrate the glory of your youth.


Sordid details and the intrigue of yet to be recognized expenditures, should not stand in the way of accomplishing the goal. However, one asks if for the small price of 54 cents, would buying a postage stamp from Canada post have been more wise? For this bargain price of four bits and four – a universe away from the cost of the Olympics, we could have accomplished the same goal by mailing a first class card emblazoned with the picture of an ass.

Overwhelming expense or 54 cents – either achieve’s the goal of ensuring the world remembers us for who we are! 🙂


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