Opportunity Disguised

Friday afternoons seem the preferred time for this couple to set out on their neighbourhood stroll.

As is their their usual pattern, they walk through the lane ways of Kitsilano. Usually, it is south of Broadway.

The trademark sweater readily identifies the gentleman. It’s hard to miss the Cowichan sweater eagle.

Pleasant in demeanor, a waved hand acknowledges you when passing by. Watching them converse with silent words of gesture, nod or glance, is a testament to their intimate understanding of each other’s rhythm.

They like the lanes. In their slow pace they have a sense of security unfound on the busy fast streets of rushing inconsiderate traffic. Ambling along, the contentment of their pace is peaceful.

Their walking activity is a mission. As they pass by bins they pointedly search for opportunity and good fortune in the form of bottles which they can recycle for cash.

Their exercise is really a multitasking event. In truth, it’s a business, cleverly disguised.

It is one that helps make our world a cleaner place to live through their recycling efforts while at the same time, they make a buck.

Were that all our walks be this rewarding.


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Reader Comments:

January 22nd, 2009 at 7:18 am

“It is one that helps make our world a cleaner place to live through their recycling efforts…”

An absolutely beautiful observation. You have such a kind and generous view of those whom the world considers “different.” It’s one of the things I admire about you.

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