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A benefit of being a Vancouver Realtor is meeting many interesting people with diverse interests.

Vancouver’s Photo Spotlight is an extension of that benefit.

There are a number of Vancouver photographers who do exceptional work with their cameras in capturing life’s moments. Tris Hussey is one of them.

About Tris

He is a long-time blogger and social media expert, who got his start in tech running laboratories and doing tech support. After years of launching websites for the pharmaceutical industry, Tris jumped into blogging on a whim and hasn’t stopped. One of Canada’s first professional bloggers, he is recognized as a leading expert in both social media and business blogging.

Tris continues to charge ahead pushing the edges of social media with whatever new technology catches his eye. His talents and skills are sought by many as a guest blogger on leading blogs including ZDNet. Already busy, Tris is also writing an introduction to blogging book due out in mid-2009.

A photographer for 30 years, he began taking pictures with a Polaroid. His camera of choice today is a DSLR.

Time Stop

Tris captured this moment aboard a Tall Ship. This photo of a line laid out, is beautiful in it’s purposeful simplicity. Quick service demands use without the impediment of knots. Laying it in this manner ensures the purpose.

No Knots

If you are thinking of selling visualize this photo. The reference within matches the purpose of a marketing plan for the sale of your Vancouver home. As with the layout of the line, a plan, ensures your selling experience will be ready quick, and knot free.


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*** Find more of Tris’work at Smugshot.***

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Reader Comments:

January 17th, 2009 at 10:15 pm

Larry, that’s awesome. You really captured it. The simple and practical elegance of laying out a line. It’s neat, tucked away, but immediately ready for use.

Thank you for highlighting my work.

January 17th, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Welcome: each picture really does generate a thousand words. Appreciate being able to lone one of yours. 🙂

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