illuminate yaletown – a Vancouver Neighbourhood Event


These pictures will tell you my night photo taking abilities are minimal. Spirit, while abundant, was accompanied by a distinct lack of skill. There is a lot to learn about things that move and go bump in the night. Many photographer types have skill sets and tools that make it all look so easy – when you see the final print. My summation of my journey was that the camera has the skill set and I was the tool.

Good Start

Deprecation aside, the ‘illuminate yaletown’ event was far more successful than my ability to record it’s occurence. Judging from the great number of people in attendance, overheard commentary and general mood of the crowd it is bound to reappear a year hence and be larger in scope and more dramatic in scale.


The many restaurants and bars were packed for the event. Coffee bars were particularly busy as the early night air chilled even the most stalwart individuals. Live and recorded music energized the crowd as it reverberated between the historic brick buildings.


The inventiveness of participants was evidenced by the “projector guy” who strapped a project to a helmut to cast images on different backgrounds. Elegant artistry reveled in the lighted ice sculpture and the mysteries of seeing Koi swimming on a sidewalk enthralled young and old alike. Electrically charged bands of fluorescence bound in spherical shapes were up close for a hands on experiment is creating dizzying apparitions.

In A Year

In a years time when the next ‘illuminate yaletown’ project occurs, it is hoped my photography skills will begin to approach my well honed Vancouver realtor marketing skills. The challenge lies before me. Help will be gratefully accepted. 🙂

Lots of Great Photographs

Follow this link to see what those who have photography skills have captured for you to see on flickr _____________________________________________________________________________________________

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February 22nd, 2009 at 11:16 pm

“Spirit, while abundant, was accompanied by a distinct lack of skill.” 🙂 spirit is better.

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