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Is your attic dangerous?


Some types of attic insulation contain asbestos.

Vermiculite is the generic name for a loose-fill insulation which may contain naturally occurring asbestos.

You should know whether you have it in your attic for 2 reasons:

  • 1. Breathing in the fibres is dangerous.
  • 2. The company that made much of the insulation (Grace) may compensate you.

We know the dangers of breathing in asbestos fibres – they’re the tiny fibres that can hook into your lungs and can cause fatal disease. However, if asbestos fibres are bound into a material and do not enter the airstream, they won’t enter your lungs either and so according to Health Canada, present no significant health risk.

The danger comes when Vermiculite insulation is disturbed, which may happen as the attic is used, during renovations or during demolition.

In 2008 a US judge ordered that anyone with Zonolite Attic Insulation claims relating to property in Canada must file these claims by August 31, 2009. Claims could include the cost of abatement or removal, the diminution of property value, economic loss, or other property-related claims caused by ZAI manufactured by Grace.


What is Vermiculite?

It was sold from the 1920’s to 1990 under various brand names including “Zonolite Attic Insulation” (ZAI). ZAI may have a glittery granular appearance, which can darken to black or gray. Note; ZAI may be found underneath other types of insulation installed afterwards.


What should I do?

Check your attic(s) to see if you might have vermiculite – do not disturb the vermiculite or breathe in the fibres. Check Canada Mortgage & Housing for further information.

If you don’t want to do check yourself, ask the author or someone who is equipped to do this for you. If you do have Vermiculite, check out Grace Bankruptcy Claims. You may be entitled to a claim.

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