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Long weekends usually mean having some fun. Always up for a chuckle, this picture was stumbled upon and some thoughts on Vancouver’s affordable housing issues sprung to mind.

Metro Lifestyle


A great feature in choosing a condo is having one unit per floor. That luxury however, comes with a price. The search for a way to mitigate high home prices in Vancouver might have just arrived. Could this be a possibility? Is it the next new thing in Vancouver housing, a city where there is always someone who is prepared to consider housing stylish and cheap.

Additionally, will this new design and construction style have possibility extending beyond the realm of single family housing. With Vancouver running short of quality affordable rentals during the Olympics, an opportunity exists. With the addition of minimal radiant heating, this new Vancouver home style might just be the next best thing to finding a budget hotel.

Intrinsic are other potentially viable alternatives that might reduce or eliminate the wretched conditions witnessed in the Downtown East side? Even with its open to the environment trade offs, it may be better than sleeping in a doorway. Costs to supply this type of housing appear consummately reasonable. With a small footprint and a format that uses existing building technologies, it meets the new ‘green’ mantra in recycling. Considering the construction slow down, ample material at low cost is available. As well, this housing style could be an basic answer to in-fill housing. While it might not be in keeping with look and feel of the neighborhood it will confirm you as a slum landlord.

Not Rain Screened

With all these features it’s proposition appears to have merit. The new and adventurous design offers features that include fresh air and a view of almost anything around you. Privacy on the other hand, is entirely another issue although, to some parts of a secular society, this could prove a bonus. If wind, rain, noise, no elevator and ultra violet light are a consideration then, this home style is not for you. Nature lovers will of course see this flexible design as one that offers them the chance to be close to nature in a man-made sort of way. Security however, will ultimately, remain somewhat problematic as industrial screens provide little comfort in this regard. A major factor that might preclude this from taking hold is that it does not meet Vancouver’s requirement for rain screening building technology to be incorporated. Clearly, this home will not qualify as it comes with neither roof nor walls.

The Downside of Cheap

It should be noted that in the effort to costs at a minimum, these units are not furnished. Notable is that elevators are out of the question as are kitchens, baths, storage, parking or closets. In keeping, chickens are not allowed.

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