Vancouver Home Buying and Prima donnas


A current listing has sparked overwhelming buyer interest. Initial indicators suggest multiple offers. So far so good. Unfailing in the idea of what makes selling real estate interesting is the dynamic of human behavior. True to form, events surrounding this particular listing delivered yet another quirk.


A fundamental and often heard phrase in Vancouver real estate is that “time is of the essence’. When the real estate market operates at a more reasoned pace, things that need to be done can be achieved at a more relaxed even pace. In the present fast paced market, these events compress and as such, cause people to do strange things.


Inevitable is the ‘time clash’. It results from all parties attempting to alter their life activities in order to meet the real estate mantra of ‘time is of the essence.’ Elements of this process involve arranging open house times, delivery of disclosure documents, time to reflect, time to arrange financing, time for building inspection and finally, time to present offers. As is often the best path, a simple direct method is required that lets these elements be fulfilled. It’s a schedule. A choreograph of the events where all involved have a fairly apportioned period in which to achieve their due diligence requirements in a expedient and timely, manner.


Rarely is there a solo performance in the dance of buying a home. Most buyers seek independent professional opinion to assist them in their decision to buy. As such each buyer’s professional home inspector needs sufficient time to perform. However, in this compressed vortex, the choreography insists that more than one home inspector will be on stage performing their duties at the same time. It is not unlike the buyers who must initially view the property at the same time and in the midst of 30 other buyers attending the open house.


It was with the home inspector of one buyer where a wart was discovered. One buyer, anxious to complete their due diligence, had unfortunately chosen an inspector who categorically stated to that buyer that ‘he would not conduct his inspection while other inspectors were present.’ He demanded that he alone, have the stage and that he alone, should be accorded a special singular 3 hour block of time.

Prima Donna

His demand for a solo performance begs questions. Does this home inspector have a secret method of determining a home’s worthiness? Is his method in keeping with the guild’s inspection procedures? Could he be unlicensed and seeks to hide from the other inspectors who may recognize him as a sham. Does he have anti-social tendencies or, is he just a prima donna?

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