Vancouver’s Gates


Please Enter

Gates tell a story. Many consider them to be guardians our respective inner sanctuaries. Some gates swing both ways. This can be problematic as you don’t know if you are coming or going and worse, whether you are welcome or just being made aware that you can leave as fast as arrived. So confusing!

Some gates have door knobs on them but they really are not doors. Some of them have ubiquitous animals such as lions or dragons ensconced on each post giving you the impression you are entering a zoo or that behind the gate is something truly of value. Do those bold creatures add to the price of privacy?

Some are ostentatious in their pronouncement of authority. They have gold lions with crowns. Do they suggest an invitation or a threat? How do you tell?


Other gates tell a different story. They are naturally simple. They have a latch that lets you open it. They usually only open one way thereby eliminating the time to figure out if you are coming or going. Clarity makes life simple don’t you think? Some like this one, are festooned with flowers. How cordial! A much warmer sense of invitation is evident. These gates give you those ‘fuzzies’ that invite you to the contentment of meeting the people behind that gate. Gates set the mood of your visit.

Got a gate? What does your gate say to those who seek to enter?

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