What Color is the Living Room?

Balance and Harmony

It’s that kind of fast market. On second thought it really has nothing to do with the market. It does however, have a lot to do with professional perspective.


Be Glad To

Realtor #1 calls to ask for the courtesy of sending their buyer clients through my open house. Sure why not, we are all busy and can’t always be where we would like or need to be. We hope that we can count on another agent to pick up the slack when these moments occur. It is an understandable request. Implied by Realtor #1 is they are holding an open house at the same time. We all know it is of course impossible to be in two places at once, so – no worries!

“By all means, glad to help,” send your clients over and they’ll be recognized and treated as if you were there with them. After all, some day a reciprocal request may be made and the favor returned will be appreciated.

Shut Out

Balance and harmony preserved, Realtor #1 makes an evening call to say their clients are interested in making an offer. Assuming the best, more time to answer questions is given. The pinch comes as the conversation ends with Realtor #1 regailing that that it was “such a beautiful and sunny day and that they so much enjoyed spending it on their boat.” The worst part of Realtor #1’s day – they didn’t catch any crabs!

Working Material

It takes all kinds of nuts and dolts to make real estate work. Realtor #2 calls to say their clients came through the open house and now wants to make an offer. Really? Which clients? I don’t recall you saying they would be attending.

“I didn’t” they say!

Without missing a beat, the next question from Realtor #2 is –

“What color is the living room?”

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