Salacious Bubbles

24 hrs Before the New Year

New Years Lady

It seems appropriate to catch your attention a day before you go to discover salacious mysteries that present themselves with the arrival of 2010.

Feeling warm and fuzzy about your New Year prospects? Consider then these sobering thoughts from 2009. Suspect is that they will be like frosty cubes that chillingly crush your 2010 anticipatory bubble.

2009 Cubes of Wisdom

Feel that Seattle Chill?

Commercial real-estate market suffered in 2009; more of the same forecast for 2010

Face to Face

Like many, you may tempt fate and seek to unravel those first moment mysteries of 2010. Champagne on hand may enhance your surprise in finding such mysteries are like bubbles when encountered face to face – often they are, not what you anticipate.

Whimsical, such bubbles will for the duration of those first moments, intoxicate your thoughts as you battle with the line between A and B on an ever moving spherical plain – leaving you flat in exasperation.

Compounded it becomes, for on this eve the NEW CELL PHONE BAN takes effect precluding you from calling buddies to top you up with more 2010 Bubbly.

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Reader Comments:

Chris Taylor Says:
December 31st, 2009 at 10:07 am

My broker had an awesome comment on raising the downpayment:

Its only going to limit housing to those from wealthy families, since the majority of new buyers have part/all of the downpayment gifted to them.

Flaherty would be much better served to adjust the TDS/GDS ratios – did you know you can get a 46/47% TDS ratio with good credit (>700), and unlimited GDS with a credit score of only 680! It used to be 40% TDS, 32% GDS with no exceptions.

The comments from the Banks and Builders are hilarious – of course these measures will limit new home buyers – what did they expect? that 100% of Canadians should own a house? they are starting to see the fallout of eating into future sales by allowing first time buyers to buy sooner than they could normally afford.

January 2nd, 2010 at 11:17 pm

The 2009 cubes of wisdom is an applicable article useful amongst realtors for 2010.

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