Break and Enter Olympic Style

Phone Call

Earlier today a phone conversation prompted some questions.

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The question came with the knowledge shared in that conversation that proclaimed that “half of West Vancouver” is leaving for Kihai, Maui, Hawaii for the duration of the Olympics. The reason – for him and his West Vancouver friends was that they were not prepared to contend with the problems associated with traversing the downtown core to reach their respective businesses.

Olympic Personal Problem Created

Their choice – leave town. The problem becomes that many Vancouver homes will be left empty to become prime targets for break and enter afficionados.

It will be interesting to see if home insurance companies have much to say about this after the fact when and if claims for break and enter. How much of this added cost will be passed on to other home owner’s insurance plans.


Did VANOC think about this implication on the citizens of this city?

Are you planning to leave town? Before you go you may want to check with your insurance agent to make sure you have Olympic insurance in place.

From CKNW News – “Olympic fever” mild in BC

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Reader Comments:

fish10 Says:
January 23rd, 2010 at 10:24 am


Remind me why we wanted the Olympics again?

What was the motivating factor behind those who pushed for it… to enrich developers, to perpetuate the RE bubble, to cause a huge demand for unskilled workers which has now ended, to inconvenience Vancouverites and bleed them white for years after the event?

Why exactly?

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