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West & North Vancouver Comparison 15-02-2010 11-15-42 AM

The north shore mountains in the past 60 days experienced patterns similar to the recent comparison of the west and east side of Vancouver.

North Vancouver

North Vancouver sort of exhibited the phrase ‘I got my post Christmas VISA bill and it isn’t so bad’ blush of sales. The year started with 54 sales compared to December’s 30. Accordingly North Vancouver’s expired listings dropped substantially to 5, almost disappearing from December’s 30. Of interest: although there were more sales, the average ask and sold prices dropped a little. While not something worthy of the front page it is however, probably just enough to get the most vocal bears snarling.

West Vancouver

West Vancouver seemed to tighten its grip. The were almost same number of sales – 28 compared to the latest period’s 31. Attention to the difference between the Ask and Sold prices of the two periods is worthy. In the latter period the ASK and SOLD price has narrowed compared the previous December period following the track laid in North Vancouver.

Street Chatter

Word on the street has it that parts of the city real estate landscape are changing. Opens are still busy but the rub is this. If it sells, it sells within days (maybe hours), of the property coming to market with the expected multiple offers and higher selling price. Conversely, if the property is sitting for more than few days, expect to see SOLD prices at or just below the asking price. The take away – the smart shopper is not paying the premium for the spectacular tarted up homes. Think of your high schoold dance where the pretty girls always get asked to dance first but at a price. Smart shoppers are looking for those homes that have been on the market for a few more days and know that the chances of finding a solid dance partner are quite good. The smart shopper also knows that the before and after of well applied makeup is always amazing. The money saved will be enough to pay for paint, brushes and a new shop vac. If you are really good there may enough for a bottle of red wine and a pizza.

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Reader Comments:

Data Hound Says:
February 15th, 2010 at 8:00 pm


The valley is starting to weaken at a frentic pace.

Finance Minster announces new rules tomorrow. I suspect more changes on March 4th.

Death knell.

Data Hound Says:
February 15th, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Admittedly, a reasonably firm day on the dailies.

Thanks much.


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