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Similar Pattern

It must be something in the Vancouver real estate air! Three neighbourhoods now reveal a similar pattern in the last 60 days. Starting slow during the Dec/Jan period we see East Mt. Pleasant’s total number of listings at a slightly lower level with Solds moving briskly at 15 days on market. The change – during the Jan/Feb period, sales while taking longer to occur, more than double.

Average Ask and Average Sold prices are eerily similar to other neighbourhoods. Dec/Jan’s period delivers a slight up-tick which is then followed by Jan/Feb’s step up to still higher levels.


If you are a seller these periods suggest good news. Buyers in contrast will not be as happy as it is costing more to buy a home. The number of sales may be an indicator that recent mortgage changes and the ‘just around the corner’ HST is influencing those buyers to cause a neighbourhood market bloom.

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Reader Comments:

Data Hound Says:
February 23rd, 2010 at 8:27 pm

yup, i suspect there will be a fair bit of a rush to the entrance…just wonder if sellers will be likewise inclined…today’s stats bullish, last week as well, let’s hope tomorrow looks more like Monday, merci beaucoup Larry.

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