Fernado’s Wash

A Wash Story

It all stated about a week ago. Not unusual in my business, you get emails requesting information on this or that home for sale. This request came from Mr. Fernando. Now it should be known that Mr. Fernando seemed like a nice guy and while the written English isn’t perfect one accepts that this is after all, Canada.


Mr. Fernando was kind enough to give me a phone number. Experience tells me that most people don’t give out phone numbers unless they are serious about meeting an objective. In turn, wanting to be helpful, written instructions on what and where to look on this blog for Homes for Sale were forwarded.


Mr. Fernando was clear that he preferred email as the communication link. The reason, he claimed, is that his son who ill somewhere in Asia, was not a known entity to his current wife. Assumed is that this would be a pretty large secret in any marriage but, who is judging, this is Canada!


Mr. Fernando makes use of the Homes for Sale feature and finds a condo in a particular building with a very low price point. At first glance it seems like a bargain in this city. A bargain it is until you find that it is being sold if a buyer agrees to pay the assessment for the building envelope, and is prepared to buy it without flooring and a lot of love.

Please Don’t

In consideration of the budget Mr. Fernando provided as a guideline it was clear that this property was not for him. Considering the next phase of this email conversation it is suspected that there would not be any home that was suitable for Mr. Fernando.

We get Mail

Many of us have been subjected to the ‘Nigerian’ letters of request. Those requests promise great things if only you could help them care for large sums of residual money left by a Father or uncle who voted no and was killed for that decision.

Mr. Fernando has been just a little more polite about his objectives. At best he has spun a somewhat interesting story and at worst he joins the elite Nigerian schemers.

A Tale of Four and Five

Floyd Wickman, a champion of all good things said ‘you have to know, like and trust’ someone before you do business with them. It seems that Mr. Fernando took the Master’s Salesman’s course.

Sharing family details Mr. Fernando has invited into his home and let you ‘know’ something about him – he seems like a nice guy. Why wouldn’t you like him? Playing on empathy he constructs a bond as he shares the story of a son who is ill. How could you not trust him. You get to ‘like’ Mr. Fernando for he seems kind and concerned for his family. He works to build the trust more as he tells you that for some mysterious reason he never told his wife about the conveniently forgotten son.

All good things end and eventually the true Mr. Fernando real story washed up. He is a patient fellow as this took a number of days to unfold but, it is time for the hook. His unwashed true intent you see, is wrapped in steps 4 and 5!

The Real Story


Thank you for the email,and sorry for not get back to you in time i was so busy and my wife she is giving me too much stress and my son is sick in asia now and my wife do not want me to buy him the house,can you imagine my wife do not want me to take care of my first son just becouse i do not tell her befor that i have a son anyway every thing is ok now and i want to travel to asia now my son is sick seriously now i have to go bring him down to Canada.

    I want you to send me your full info in trust.
  1. Company name
  2. Your name
  3. your company address
  4. your bank name
  5. Trust account information.

I will pay the house in cash now in my son name,so i will travel to asia by next week so i want to tell my secerary to send you the total amount that i can use to buy the house for my son and include 3,000 so you can use that to pay for nice hotel for me and my son becouse we will be coming to your place from there,so please tell me the amount that you know that i can use to buy the house for my son every thing so i will tell my secerary to send it to you and when i come there with my son there will be money there to ruch the process.

My company name is SONY PICTURES HOME ENTERTAINMENT CANADA,I deal with eletrinic.


Washed Out

Got dirty money that needs cleaning? Mr. Fernando can tell you how to wash it. You can trust him! 🙂

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Reader Comments:

Rizo Says:
March 10th, 2010 at 11:21 pm

This guy seems legit


fish10 Says:
March 11th, 2010 at 6:54 am

Another variation of the Nigerian ‘help me bring out hot money’ scam.

More fool those who fall for it.

John Says:
March 11th, 2010 at 2:03 pm

My company name is SONY PICTURES HOME ENTERTAINMENT CANADA,I deal with eletrinic.

LOL! He works for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Canada, you know.. the electric company!! Does anyone actually fall for this kind of stuff, seriously??

March 11th, 2010 at 2:19 pm

@ John

Sadly a number of people do. It is after all Canada! We are nation of helpers. :>)

March 11th, 2010 at 2:19 pm

@ John

Sadly a number of people do. It is after all Canada! We are nation of helpers. :>)

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