Lumps Bumps and Bogs


This house was a little less interesting than many except for some issues.


It was cheek bone to thigh bone busy in this ‘special’ by appointment only open house. Twenty minutes before the appointed viewing time cars started to pull up only to then empty their passengers who anxiously stood on the side walk as they waited for the listing agent to arrive.

Upon the listing agents arrival, the request to remove shoes was issued. In a headlong rush all who wanted to see the house complied. Shoes piled in quick succession only to clog the passage to the entry door. So many shoes were there, that you could have started a successful ‘used shoe’ business. It quickly became problematic as you tried to navigate a safe pathway to the door. This event reminds one of obscure right of initiation to a secret cabal. The challenge – if you could make your way through the shoes you gained sufficient credits to then see the house.


When seeing homes under these circumstances, one of the truly beautiful moments that define professionalism occurs just as you start to leave. Not only are you and the buyers once more challenged by the maze of shoes now piled higher than when you entered but, having just made your way clear, is the exact moment after having committed more than 30 minutes to survey the home, when the listing agent informs you that “we had an offer on the home last night and the seller will be considering it and any others in the next hour.” Hearing this, the look on the buyer’s faces is best explained with this question – ‘how many ways can you spell ‘pressure’?


At the time of viewing the home, the slightly sloping floors and leaning door openings spawned questions. They included questions like – are the angle of the doors a result of a structural problem, what caused this to happen, and when exiting the home – why have the city sidewalks collapsed and why has the street curbing subsided?

Taking a moment to pat myself on the back, I of course, as a professional Realtor® knew the answer.

The reason this house has bent floors, leaning doors and is situated on a lumpy street is simple! This house, was built on one of Vancouver’s finest peat bogs as is clearly noted in green on one of the bog maps available from city hall.


Lumps, bumps and bent street scape combined with untimely Realtor® declarations are daily issues in this business of real estate. From my perspective, the upside was that the buyer’s agreed not to buy this house.

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Boombust Says:
March 28th, 2010 at 3:30 am

Absolutely ridiculous.

March 28th, 2010 at 7:39 am

just another day in paradise 🙂

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