Turkey Anyone?

Conference board director Diana Mackay says “about one-fifth of Canadian households do not have the resources to afford both good-quality homes and other health-enhancing expenditures, such as nutritious food”.

Old Ways

Having a little fun with this pronouncement, we may soon see Realtors® offering up a new sales pitch to replace dower “Trusted Advisor”, “Service with Integrity”, “Your No. 1 Realtor” claims.

New Horizons

Without doubt, some of you gentle readers have in the past, witnessed real estate advertisements offering the incentive of a new car with the purchase of a home.

Under the assumption that Ms. MacKay is right, and if you will allow for self deprecation, it follows that the incentive of a free new car may be usurped by new advertising copy. Consider the following –

“Buy a home with ABC Realty and be confident you’ll get a Turkey with your purchase.”

Surely, everybody who according to Mackay is hungry and struggling to pay their mortgage, will appreciate this new and practical incentive.

Days Ahead

Looking forward, the idea of giving back while staying current in our service offerings, it was suggested in conversation that should interest rates continue to climb, the offer of a Turkey with every purchase might be too rich. Instead, it may be more in keeping to offer a six month supply of Kraft Dinner.

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