Old Laneways

Old Fashioned

Some of us like doing things the old fashioned way.

By that I mean, that you actually go for a walk in a neighbourhood where you prefer to work. During that walk you of course take the opportunity to leave a little I was here note in the form of a card, a mini writing pad or just a business card.

The great part about the walk is that you get to meet the people in the neighbourhood, chat about local goings on and yes you even find pleasant surprises.


If you have seen me around you’ll know I always have strapped to my shoulder my trusty and very hard working CoolPix P80. Though it takes many pictures and has survived rain, heat and snow, most of those pictures don’t appear here. Some are on Flickr – YatterMatters but not all of them were taken with the Coolpix. The big boy Canon comes out for the pretty shots.

This Week

While on my Fraser walk about this week I quietly discovered what may be original ‘laneway’ houses. Self contained in every respect, the beautiful part about finding them was the realization of just how well they fit into the neighbourhood. Neither of the two found seemed out of place. They were just part of the community fabric.

I haven’t bothered to go to city hall to inquire about age, zoning legality or other things that might disturb the city hall cosmos. It’s one of those things upon which you decide that since they have been there so long, have remained unobtrusive and for the most part seem well maintained that you leave it alone with acknowledged respect that these abodes are someone’s home.


While not everyone’s dream home it was note worthy that these two home fit as in one case, onto a very small lot or as in the other, share a larger lot with another home without seeming an imposition.

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