Vancouver Community Series – Vancouver West

Vancouver West

Vancouver West is the 7th and last of October 2010’s community series.

As tricks would have it this last installment coincided with Halloween. The treat was that time was made to compile the numbers and complete this report 30 minutes before we head into the month of November.

This Halloween eve created an opportunity to conduct an informal and completely unscientific survey. Of the 400 children that came to my door this Halloween, each child of school age which amounted to approximately 300, was asked which school they attended. It was telling in that a sizeable number – perhaps 30%, were out of the school catchment area where I live. Of that 30% many came from neighbourhoods that would be considered as ‘better off’. Yet when asked why were they Tricking and Treating in my neighourhood the straight-up-children-never-lie response was generally that nobody in their neighbourhood does Halloween. How did they get here? “Oh our parents drove us.” Who are these children? Of that 30% nearly all were of Asian decent.

It’s an interesting result upon which I will reflect further though I admit I’m not sure that it has any relevance. As Halloween trivia goes it is yours to consider and I leave it with you to draw your own conclusions as we look at the Vancouver West detached home community snapshot.

The snapshot considers these two periods – August 25/10 to September 25/10 and September 25/10 to October 25/10.


Total Listings decreased from Aug/Sept’s 822 to Sept/Oct’s 789.


Sales slowed from Aug/Sept’s 136 to Sept/Oct’s 115.

Best Family Costume
Best Home Made Costume

Expired, Reductions, Increases, Days on Market

  • Aug/Sept had 568 listings expire. That number dropped to 56 in Sept/Oct.
  • Price reductions in Aug/Sept tallied 287. This slowed to 143 in Sept/Oct.
  • There were 21 price increases in both periods.
  • It took longer to sell a home in Aug/Sept at 50 whereas in Sept/Oct this dropped to 29 days.

Average and Median Prices

  • Aug/Sept’s Average Ask price was $2,029,468. This Average Ask price dropped in Sept/Oct to $1,948,667.
  • The Median Ask price in Aug/Sept was $1,688,000. The Median ask dropped to $1,650,000 in Sept/Oct.
  • The Average Sold price in the Aug/Sept was $1,932,730. In Sept/Oct the Average Sold price drooped to $1,885,615.
  • The Median Sold price in Aug/Sept was $1662,500. In Sept/Oct the Median Sold price increased slightly to $1,670,000.

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