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You can have a level on your iPhone, on a key chain or in your tool box. It doesn’t much matter where you have one because if you have been following the L.A.P.S. series for the REBGV you probably have noticed that the number of units sold has in relative terms leveled in the three segments – Vancouver homes, Vancouver Attached and now in Vancouver Apartments.

Vancouver Apartment Units Listed

The number of Units Listed in October dropped from Septembers’s 2128 to October’s 1704.

Vancouver Apartment Units Sold

Holding steady, the number of Apartments that sold in September numbered 972 while in October that number was 988.

Vancouver’s Apartment Active Listings

The Active Listings bucket sprung a small hole leaking about 500 listings from September’s 6,531 to October’s 6062 down from May’s high of 7,528.

Vancouver’s Apartment Average Price

Apartment’s Average prices climbed by a few thousand dollars from September’s $430,712 to October’s $441,696.

Flat Line

Flat line refers an electrical measurement where no activity is being recorded. The result as seen in the accompanying oscilloscope picture is a ‘flat line’. The gruesome part of this measurement is that it usually applies in the medical world to no heart activity, no brain activity or both which usually means death. Flatlined sales in Vancouver’s real estate might well be interpreted as meaning the market is catching it breath for it’s next move.

That move from this perspective, may result from indecisive buyers waiting for a game change in market direction. It may also end up revealing a Vancouver market landscape during which the next few months we will see total listings and active listings continuing to find their equilibrium in what has for many months been a frenetic market see-saw.

SOLD Detached Attached Apartment
July 911 368 979
August 898 374 936
September 870 384 972
October 979 377 988

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