SnapShot – Vancouver’s Kitsilano Neighbourhood

Kitsilano Detached

Here’s a snapshot of detached homes in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood.

The period covered is from September 17, 2010 to November 16, 2010.


Total Listings decreased from Sept/Oct’s 60 to Oct/Nov’s 55.


Sales dropped over from Sept/Oct’s 12 to Oct/Nov’s 8.

Expired, Reductions, Increases, Days on Market

  • Sept/Oct saw 4 listing mandates expire. In Oct/Nov this number dropped to 3.
  • Price reductions in Sept/Oct recorded 10 price reductions which increased to 11 in Oct/Nov.
  • There were 2 price increases in Sept/Oct but only 1 in Oct/Nov.
  • It took an average of 27 days to sell a Kitsilano home Sept/Oct. The days on market reduced to 20 in Oct/Nov.

Average and Median Prices

  • Sept/Oct’s Average Ask price of $1,425,500 increased to $1,567,375 in Oct/Nov.
  • The Median Ask price in Sept/Oct was $1,348,500. The median increased to $1,393,000 in Oct/Nov.
  • The Average Sold price in the Sept/Oct’s was $1,386,833. In Oct/Nov it jumped up to $1,496,687.
  • The Median Sold price in Sept/Oct registered $1,342,000. In the Oct/Nov the Kitsilano detached Median Sold price increased to $1,373,500.

Christmas Presents

A recent drive in the Kitsilano area between Broadway to 16th, MacDonald to Dunbar found a bunch of sold signs that have appeared recently.

Checking in with the system most have sold close to their asking price, with many having sold quickly – below the Days on Market recorded above. It may be that a sign that some Kitsilano detached home owners have received their Christmas presents earlier than expected.

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Roch Says:
November 18th, 2010 at 6:48 am

Great detailed, comprehensive stats. I will look into doing similar blog postings here in Ottawa provided this type of information is available to us. regards. Roch

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