Attached Prices Slippery


Continuing the LAPS series this notation serves as a recap of November’s Vancouver real estate activity inclusive of four elements of the Vancouver Attached – Units Listed, Units Sold, the number of Active Listings and the Average Price.

Vancouver Attached Units Listed

Units Listed dropped from October’s 589 to November’s 527 – the lowest number recorded in 2010 and only 13 units more than November 2008’s 514. If past performance is a base line, expect this to drop again during December with a rebound in January 2011.

Vancouver Attached Units Sold

May 09 recorded the highest number of sales at 664 followed by Sept 09 at 647 – volume not matched in any month in 2010. November 2010’s 407 was distant from the low number of sales in November 2008 which recorded only 142 sold units.

Vancouver’s Attached Active Listings

May 2010 saw the number of Active Listings achieve a high of 2,596 – the highest in this two year synopsis. That has dropped substantially to November’s 1,946 which is lower than the months of November 2008 through to June 2009 and April 2010 through to October 2010 where Active listings during those periods exceeded 2,100.

Vancouver’s Attached Average Price

Average Prices have during 2010 bounced from a June’s high of $569,037 to a low in October of $519,187. With November’s tally an eye-ball estimate suggests it is now somewhere near to the middle of the bounce having recorded $539,429.

Icy Guess

For Vancouver Realtor’s® anticipating anticipating Attached prices has been tricky all year long. Much like speed bumps in your lane way, Attached prices have each month, been sufficiently different that judging whether to accelerate or ease off the gas peddle was an ongoing challenge.

A guess is that the market may slow down again in December – a traditionally slow month as evidenced by December 2009’s $510,130. The caveat is – if it snows with buyers sufficient to form ice beneath Attached’s market wheel – a possible result of the continuing decrease in available product. With that circumstance resting on the gas peddle, Vancouver’s attached market could find itself hitting the speed bump with excessive speed only to slide to a number greater than November’s $539,429. Should that be the case, it will serve to confirm that this viewpoint is just another Vancouver Realtor’s® slippery market projection.

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