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Pointing Fingers

When a buyer or seller does not fulfill the terms of a contract the REALTOR® who drafted the contract to sell or buy a property for you, is not a party to that contract.


A REALTOR® cannot force his/her client to fulfill the terms of a contract with the buyer or seller. If the buyer or seller does not fulfill the commitments they have made in the contract, you may have legal recourse and should seek legal advice.

If you do not have a lawyer, you may wish to contact the Lawyer Referral Service: 604.687.3221. If you have difficulty understanding English then you may wish to contact organizations like S.U.C.C.E.S.S. 604.684.1628 for assistance.

Potential Issues

Here are examples of common issues for which the buyer or seller (not the REALTOR®) is responsible:

  • Buyer does not close the sale.
  • Buyer does not remove the contract’s subject clauses.
  • Seller does not close the sale.
  • Seller does not remove the contract’s subject clauses.
  • Property is left untidy or dirty by the seller.
  • Seller has removed items that were included in the contract.
  • Transaction does not close on time.
  • Appliances break down or a previously unknown property defect reveals itself after closing.


Your Vancouver REALTOR® and his/her brokerage may be able to assist you to resolve this type of complaint. Typically your REALTOR® will contact the other party’s REALTOR® or brokerage and let them know about your concerns and ask them for assistance in resolving your concern. As noted, your REALTOR® cannot force the other party to do what they said they would do in the contract. (For this, you need the assistance of a lawyer or the Courts.)

*Adapted From the Professional Standards Department, REBGV

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