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It is fair conjecture to suggest that many of us think of seniors as being someone sixty-five or older. Of course, if you are twenty then you probably think of a senior as someone who is thirty. At twenty, thirty or even fifty there are few Free-B’s available to you but if you are approaching your ‘Golden Years’ it’s a different story.


All the magic of Free-B’s seem to start somewhere around the age of fifty-nine. Recently, I sat in a bank and started to read some of the most boring literature ever produced to find a few hidden gems.

Banks, those places we hate for the service fees they charge and love for the security of knowing they are keeping our money safe don’t make a habit of broadcasting that once you reach a magical age of say 59, you are entitled to a range of services and products that are Free-B’s.

Here are some Free-B’s

  • Personalized cheques
  • Certified cheques
  • Stop payments
  • Processing of foreign currency cheques drawn on or deposited to your account
  • Commission-free regular American Express®S1 Travellers Cheques
  • Money orders and drafts
  • Processing postdated or mailed-in deposits
  • Discounts on safety deposit box annual rental fee
  • Bonus interest on the daily interest savings account
  • Spousal benefits
  • In some banks your spouse (regardless of age) can share the benefits of the Scotia Plus Program for Seniors on all designated accounts held jointly in the name of you and your spouse.
  • Overdraft protection

The Trick

They won’t make a point of telling you – you have to ask. Don’t be shy. When approaching your ‘Golden Years’ check to see what Free-B’s your bank is prepared to give you. Also check with other banks. The Free-B’s vary and a different bank may offer a Free-B more suitable to your needs.

Adapted from Scotia Online

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