We Are Different in Vancouver


A report by Michael Babad of the Globe and Mail jumps at you claiming that Vancouver’s Championed Title for the highest average homes prices may be heading east.

Twisted Bubble

It illustrates Badad claims “what economists see as a balanced market with no signs of a bubble about to burst.”

Quoting Robert Kovcic of BMO Nesbitt Burns, Badad notes that “Toronto, has seen a steady 9 per cent year-over-year pace since April, and could well jump ahead of mighty Vancouver next month.

Toronto’s Bark

Toronto the Good, seems nonplussed as it grasps the orb of ever escalating home prices. Such tempered rationale appears within Badad’s quote of Economist Sonya Gulati who says that “Going forward, we anticipate a tug-of-war action to take hold in the Canadian real estate market between low interest and mortgage rates and only modest economic, income and employment growth. With both push and pull momentum, we expect both prices and sales to hold fairly steady, relative to current levels, over the next year.”

A Different Kind of Being There

Looking back, her statement bears resemblance to whispers heard before with an exception – the resulting reaction.

In Vancouver, back then, even when “the party was nice – the party was pumpin – and everybody havin’ a ball”, a statement as banal at that made by Gulati would have seen a lot of folks biting at bubbles while chanting “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

Quotes – Michal Badad, Globe and Mail Graph BMO Nesbitt Burns Lyrics and Music: Baha Men, Who Let the Dog’s Out

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