West Vancouver Real Estate Snapshot – According to Ichabod

West Vancouver Canapé

This Halloween, expect treats to be emptied from your bag of goodies if you knock on doors dressed as a Vancouver Realtor®.

West Vancouver Realtors® as thanks for their efforts may find themselves receiving hand made ‘finger’ canapés – a unique specialty item simply not find in tonie Park Royal bakeries.

As with previous snapshots West Vancouver’s extends for the periods that cover August 24 to September 24 2011 and September 24, to October 24, 2011.

Total Listings

This Halloween, it is doubtful that a Headless Horsemen will roll pumpkins down Taylor Way to champion an Ichabodidan disappearance of listings. Faint hope it is as we see total listing count in West Vancouver’s Aug/Sept period recording 573 units followed by Sept/Oct’s tally of 567.

Expired, Days on Market

  • Eager to practice their spells, in Sept/Oct naughty spirits placed their ‘It Didn’t Sell Spell’ on 39 West Vancouver home sellers. The longer days of Aug/Sept presumably kept the spirits at bay as there were only 32 expired listing mandates.
  • It seems that arriving Ghosts frightened a few home sellers to take action as the number of days some West Vancouver homes were on the market reduced from Aug/Sept’s 50 to Sept/Oct’s 32.


Fewer than carved pumpkins this season, sales dropped from Aug/Sept’s 70 to Sept/Oct’s 57. Somewhere on the hill there are 13 Realtors® who are missing toes and fingers equal to a bakers dozen of special Halloween party treats.

West Vancouver Detached Home Average and Median Prices

  • Aug/Sept’s Average Ask price was $2,384,427. Sept/Oct fought the fright with a small decrease to $2,340,411.
  • The Median Ask price in Aug/Sept $1,899,000. The Median Ask seemingly more susceptible to the grind of squeaky doors declined to 1,775,000 in Sept/Oct.
  • This snapshot’s Average Sold price in the Aug/Sept recorded $2,251,693. In Sept/Oct Average Sold prices edged up to $2,257,411.
  • The Median Sold price recorded in Aug/Sept was $1,862,500. There was a trickle of green oozing from the Median Sold price as it declined to $1,758,000 in Sept/Oct.

Getting Outta Here

Today’s Ichabod Crane, may take short comfort as he looks back at the sleepy hollow of West Vancouver from the vantage of Stanley Park‘s Prospect Point. Comfortable in distance, he feels safe until he hears that clippy-clop sound. Is it the sound of a horseman’s real estate market hooves on bridge deck or thumping bull rushes on a log?

As with Disney’s story, we must watch and wait for the story to end.

*Image Credit **Image Credit

Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Courtesy of Disney, All Rights Reserved – part 5 of an episode of the “Disneyland” TV series that originally aired on October 26th, 1955.

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