Vancouver Average Price Pool

Forget Football Pools

That’s old news!

Today is the start of a new never before seen no money to win but you get lots of glory pool.

How to Play

This one is no brainer. You’ll need 3 pieces of paper, a pen and crayons. Posty notes work best but tearing sheets off your roll of toilet paper will work too.

Take the first piece and label it November 2011 Vancouver Detached Homes. Then with all the wisdom at hand determine if the average price for November 2011 will go up or down. Depending on your decision, draw an up or a down arrow. Color would be nice but since this is a cheap pool black and white will do.

On the next piece follow the same rule only this time label it Vancouver Attached homes. Now draw your up or down arrow indicating your vision of what has past.

Last, grab the third piece of paper. Follow the same rules laid out above except this time label it Vancouver Apartments. Don’t forget to place your up or down arrow.

Play to Win

This is better than collecting coupons! Tomorrow I will be publishing the Average Price stats for Vancouver Real Estate.

If your arrows match the ones on my graph you are a winner. You can shout “yipppeee” and phone your mother to let her know but please remember, she probably will be sleeping and won’t appreciate or understand the reason for your the call!

I’m only guessing but, it is probably more safe to let your cat or dog know you won the prize. After due consideration – other than the readers here at YatterMatters it is probably not safe to let too many people know you entered a colored arrow toilet paper contest.

The Prize

The prize is a bit of fun for all.

If your arrows and tomorrow’s arrows on my Vancouver Average Price graph match directions for the three classifications, initial the paper your arrows are on then scan and email them to me – PDF files would be best.

All winning entries received by Monday will be published here. If you want to add some other tasteful and artistic embellishments please do so. The only limitation is that children whom I like to think of as future economists read this blog – so be mindful of your etchings.

Get your crayons ready. Time is running out. Winners if any, will get all the glory I can muster next week.

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