Part 2: Vancouver’s Attached Roller Coaster

Attached Basket

If you are a watcher of Vancouver’s Attached real estate market chances are you are also a professional coin flipper.

The 50/50 rule in this market would certainly provide you with more drama than you might seek. Making average price up or down calls would definitely lead you to think that you were either heading for hell or barely holding on to the basket’s handle.

Roller Coasters

Unlike the relative stability of the Detached Graph, the Attached graph and its undulating average prices is as a picture, more akin to you trying to catch that coin in mid air while strapped into boots as you ride the roller coaster rails.

  • 2010 saw the Attached average price reach a high of $569,037 in June
  • 2010 saw the Attached average price reach a low of $519,187 in October.
  • 2011 saw the Attached average price reach a high of $573,534 in February.
  • 2011 saw the Attached average price reach a low of $511,948.
  • only 2 months in 2010 recorded sales higher than 500 units.
  • 2011 saw 4 months that achieved or exceeded the 500 unit level.
  • 2010’s highest month of listings was April at 1,230.
  • 2011’s highest listing month was March at 1,080
  • Lowest listing month in 2010 was December at 275
  • Lowest listing month in 2011 was December at 237

Two Sides

Every coin has two sides. Knowing which one will match your call when it settles on the table is what makes the difference. Although 2011 was more active in terms of listings and sales even more astounding were the dramatic average price changes. Based on a 50/50 chance of success is high stakes when making a call while the coin is in mid air. If not that, then it is definitely high financial drama.

Sellers who made the call in February and September of 2011 with prices above the $573,000 mark were the clear winners of this simple coin toss game. Like all things in life, for those on the other side of the coin who purchased an attached Vancouver property in those months, suspect is that they would probably like a second chance to flip the coin.

We’ll have to wait out 2012 to see if they complete the roller coaster ride.

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