What’s In Your Mailbox

You Got Mail

Do you get a lot of Vancouver Realtor® solicitations in your mailbox?

You know what I’m talking about – the JUST LISTED, JUST SOLD, THERE’S NO BETTER TIME TO SELL cards with pictures of a Realtor®, a Realtor® and their kids or if they are really trying to impress you, a Realtor® and their dog.

My Mailbox

The mailman delivered one today. Genuine it is, different it was!

To my mind this letter surpasses all that I have seen before. This one goes beyond the ubiquitous “I Got a Buyer for Your Vancouver Home” missive.

The Words

“Let It Go”

My consigliere said “don’t worry about it. It’s just another real estate listing solicitation.” I nodded in agreement. It was just another solicitation. But the tone rattled me!

That tone left me wanting clarity of meaning, purpose and integrity in the words. I tried to not appeal to my sense of self righteousness but the tone wouldn’t let go. As a Realtor® it burned a question – is it too humbling and too wrong to simply say “I’m looking for a job – can I help you sell your home?”

rusty mailbox

The Value Proposition

Irksome is that this solicitation promises a pot of gold – “a fabulous and unique opportunity for people retiring, wanting to help their children, starting a new business or wishing to reach other personal goals in life” while at the same time ‘remain in their home with no disruption”.

It is almost too good to be true. Money in your pocket and implied cheap rent. Some mail recipients may believe utopia has arrived!

The Kicker

“The properties we are analyzing have to meet some specific criteria”. It’s only suspect but a seasoned guess will be that the suggested list price proffered by these, my brothers in arms, will be below market. After all, any investor short or long term who plans to hold the property while offering a “moderate” rent back in this market state will be looking for a great deal.

“A moderate rental agreement will be negotiated”. Call me skeptical but in this town is there such a thing as “moderate” rent? A further arithmetic guess is that any rental will exceed the interest earned on the sale proceeds deposited at the bank. Even less, if you fulfill one of the opportunities outlined in the letter. This could make the one way road of retirement difficult.

I Could Be Wrong

I am probably wrong in my interpretation – that’s happened before. Perhaps I’m being too harsh or maybe as suggested by my consigliere, I should turn my head to look another way. My guts tell me a different story!

Thus I’ll cast my trust with you, my well considered readers to guide me. Tell me – upon reading this solicitation were you too left with the sense that you’ve just been blasted by a Nigerian email?

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Reader Comments:

would-be buyer Says:
January 10th, 2013 at 7:08 am

Larry, my neighbour sold his home in 2011 and rented it back from the new owners for a year. This allowed my neighbour to buy another house in the neighbourhood (Kits), fix it up and flip it for profit. I’m told the buyers were mainland Chinese.

My old landlord who also sold his home on West 3rd last year rented it back from their new buyer as well. So, I guess it happens…

Not on the Boat Says:
January 12th, 2013 at 1:58 pm

We had a similar letter. Not so detailed but similar… they ended up passing but we put the house up and it sold, we rented back for 8 months to finish up the school year for $1.

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