Statistical Headache

The Pain

Comparing Vancouver real estate statistics can be an exercise in decisive frustration for many Vancouver buyers, sellers and Realtors®. Tylenol packaged with these statistics of market uncertainty might be beneficial.

Median Price 2013 05 26

It’s In Your Hands

The set of numbers held in your hand may determine your outlook of the Vancouver real estate market place. Were you are holding detached Average Prices you might conclude that the market is sliding downhill. Conversely, if you are holding detached Median prices you might think the opposite. Now scoop up more information about variance in area or housing style into your hands. Add to the load a buyer or seller’s personal viewpoint and the color of the market dynamic changes again.


We’re Supposed to Know

It would be great if Realtors® knew all there is to know about the market with certainty. Unfortunately, like you, they too have their hands loaded with numbers and viewpoints that tell different stories.

When All Else Fails – Do What Works

When all else fails do what works. Hands equally loaded with uncertainty, Realtors® and sellers are left with and resort to a tried and true market determinant. Find that magic number which a buyer is willing to pay and that seller is willing to accept.

Time and Terms

A problem in finding that number is that it takes time. The exercise can be lengthy which perhaps explains the increased number of days it takes to sell a home in Vancouver. Further the process assumes that the seller is pro-active in their desire to create sales magic – finding that number!

Today the pro-active part seems questionable when based on the current number of Vancouver home sales. It suggests that many sellers want sales magic but, only if it is on their terms. This something today’s buyers are not prepared to accept. Left is the record accumulation of Vancouver homes for sale with sellers in need of pain relieving Tylenol.

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