Vancouver Median Prices Bear Up


Greater Vancouver is comprised of a number of distinct communities. In North Vancouver Black Bears are a perennial problem. So much so that the district has web site to help home owners Be Bear Aware.

Home Owner Bear Awareness

Black Bear In River  NV Dist

The site lists the following Be Bear Aware tips:

  • Keep garbage inside until the morning of collection
  • Compost responsibly
  • Pick fruit from fruit trees
  • Store pet food indoors
  • Keep your barbecue clean

Taking Aim

It is unlikely that the district will incorporate a sixth awareness tip about Real Estate Bears (REB’s).

With tongue in cheek, the view of July’s median price drop in North Vancouver might suggest it is time that the Be Bear Aware program needs focused reconsideration at the next District meeting.

Median Price 2013 08 02 4 Areas

Median Prices

The Stats That Don’t Lie – report from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver recorded an upswing in sales. Concurrently three of the four communities featured herein also recorded median price increases. Alas, North Vancouver didn’t bear up to market pressures of July. In this report it instead languished as the single community to experience a decline in median price.

Quartile Numbers

Median Price Vancouver West Vancouver East West Vancouver North Vancouver
May $2,100,000 $909,000 $1,797,750 $936,101
June $2,055,000 $844,000 $1,745,000 $964,000
July $2,305,000 $880,000 $1,948,000 $948,475

Photo Credit: Courtesy District of North Vancouver

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