Parapets Crumble

Neigbourly Castles

It is claimed that Sir Edward Coke , in The Institutes of the Laws of England, circa 1628, was accorded the short variation of “a man’s home is his castle”. More complete the phrase continues with “et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium” – “each man’s home is his safest refuge”.

In respect of a recent B.C. Appeals Court ruling, the idea of having safe refuge in your castle appears to be governed by modern application of a simple rule – get along with your neighbour or get along!

Queen Rose and Son

According to a CBC News report:
The B.C. Court of Appeal has unanimously upheld an earlier ruling that ordered condo owner Rose Jordison to sell her suite in a Surrey complex after the strata council fielded an avalanche of complaints about her conduct and the actions of her son. Jordison also ran up thousands of dollars in unpaid strata fines. Earlier this year, a B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled that a forced sale was the only option left after Jordison and her son, Jordy Jordison, ignored multiple fines and letters from their strata council. It is the first time that has someone has been court-ordered to sell their home in B.C.

When Parapets Crumble

The CBC says that “the strata council received over 1,000 complaints from residents about Rose Jordison.”

Parapets Crumble Flickr Sudphoto

Quiet enjoyment is a right to the undisturbed use and enjoyment of real property by its owners. It is one of the defining covenants of land ownership.

Most of us are lucky and privileged to live amongst people who maintain a level of civilized respect for each other’s ‘use and peaceful enjoyment of our property’. That common respect is what makes communities work.

When that covenant fails as it did between with Ms. Jordison’s and her neighbours, we take comfort in law to provide us rocks to throw so as to make parapets crumble.

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