Vancouver Median Prices Toss a Ringer


It is said that ‘close only counts in horseshoes.’ At the pit are four players – Vancouver West, West Vancouver, East Vancouver and North Vancouver. One of them had a November Median Price toss that ended with a ringer.

Median Price 2013 12 03 - 4 Areas

Not Close Enough

Horseshoe toss

It was back in July 2013 that Vancouver West won the toss with an all time record of $2,305,000. November’s toss was shy of the stake with a Detached Median price of $2,228,500.


Vancouver’s East side wins November 2013’s toss with a ringer. The east side rung the stake at $937,500 – the highest east side median price recorded since 2000.

Out of the Pit

West Vancouver’s November toss bounced out of the pit coming to rest at $1,882,500 – over $200,000 away from the stake.

Live Shoe

North Vancouver played a better game last month with a Median Price of $1,042,000. In comparison November’s toss only managed a ‘live shoe’ Median price of $1,035,000.


Median Price Vancouver West Vancouver East West Vancouver North Vancouver
September $2,194,000 $910,000 $2,195,000 $964,000
October $2,049,000 $872,000 $2,100,000 $1,042,000
November $2,285,000 $937,500 $1,882,500 $1,035,000

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