2011 Low Within Grasp

Close Call

In our last look at the Total Active Listings we were in the midst of the perennial free fall decrease in homes for sale. Determining the depth of the decrease was going to be a close call.

Cron IDX Graphs 2014 01 10


Comparing the annual highest listing count for the year it was noted that 2013 had peaked at 26,806 units in mid June. 2012 reached its plateau in July at 28,159 units.

Baby boy and giant soap bubble

In 2103 using the combination of the lower high and the current market state of the day, the potential for the Total Active Listing count to drop below or match 2011’s total of 15,444 fell within the realm of possibility.

Within Grasp

It was close! The lowest Total Listing tally for 2013 was 15,707. Shy by a mere 263 units, it was within grasp of matching the low of 2011.

End of Cycle

The end of 2013 cycle is now complete. Now the number of Active Listings in 2014 have begun their climb upwards.

The challenge ahead is to correctly anticipate whether 2014 will see the number of Active Listings temper and deliver a maximum active listing level lower than those seen at the peak in 2013 and 2012.

Going Forward Assumption

An implicit assumption attached to a conservative total active listings count in 2014 in part suggests a market where fewer homes for sale could act as a driver of higher prices. However, if proposed interest rate increases materialize that may act to counter the price augmentation.


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