Paint by Number Vancouver Real Estate Trend

Soft Tendancy

Trends suggest a general course or direction. Finding the turning point in any market is subtle and difficult.

Most would agree that hard numbers are the relied upon core in making trend declarations. Yet, when hard numbers are not hard enough is it reasonable to then consider ‘soft’ subtle declarations proffered by “Paint by Number” methodology?

Hard Numbers

The hard numbers associated with price change often devolve into a comparative percentage differences which some some find muddled by terminology that lessens the significance.

2014 Vancouver West Vancouver East West Vancouver North Vancouver
Jan 2,380,000 920,000 1,796,500 1,142,500
Feb 2,517,000 961,500 2,580,000 1,063,000
Mar 2,375,000 936,500 1,999,000 1,059,000
Apr 2,275,000 915,000 1,920,000 1,145,000
May 2,295,125 950,000 2,262,500 1,007,500

Vancouver Median Price Graph

The traditional visual option is the graph representing hard core numbers. A variation on the Paint by Number theme it is a blend of both hard and soft tendencies. When rendered, the graph’s vagueness invites speculation.


Softer Numbers


As an alternative, consider this periodic Paint by Number picture where Median prices are recorded as arrows. Up or down, arrows are simple statements.

Viewing these Paint by Number arrows it becomes very clear that each community in three of the five periods shown, recorded a decline! March stands out as all markets considered here declined.

With that knowledge at your doorstep, does it make you wonder whether ‘the question’ should be softly asked? Of 5 arrows, do 3 pointing down in each market, constitute a declaration of the market state? Do these arrows imply a trend?


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