Record Year – Not Likely

Didn’t Make It

Assuming the best it appears that the Total Active Listings count in the lower mainland for 2014 has peaked.

It was a close race with 2011 where on Aug 1 Total Active Listings reached 24,405. This year with only a few days left in the month the tally is only 300 listings apart -a number that quickly expires at month end and one that might leave us neck and neck with 2011.

Cron IDX Graphs 2014 07 28
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Record Breaker Unlikely

The two years prior set the tone for the most active listings. At this time in 2014 it is safe to say that those levels will not be reached again. For historians it was in 2012 when Active Listing hit an all time high of 28,088 in June.

Today and Before

2014 2013 2012 2011
24,705 26,129 27,857 24,257

Feeling Your Way

This real estate business is tactile. You can feel it by the number of calls and appointments secured to discuss a near future home sale.

It is uncharacteristic for me to throw caution to the wind when I attempt to anticipate a market shift like the decreasing number of active listings. However, if telephone calls and appointments are the ‘tactile’ part of this business then it seems that the decrease in the number of listings may deliver good fortune to ‘sharply’ priced detached homes coming to market in August through October.

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