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There has been much discourse and speculation about the number of New Canadian Friends who have purchased homes in Vancouver. In equal measure some believe that our New Friends have driven Vancouver’s housing prices beyond local purchasing power.

Lame Data


There is little accurate data that decrees with confidence the number of New Friends who have purchased property in Vancouver. The real answers may be in the zodiak.

As for this missive my disclaimer for lame data is this: “I can only give you what I got and it ain’t much but it might be better than nothing maybe”!

What Is That?

The graph below is crafted from survey responses completed by members of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board. I lay no claim to its accuracy. It is a very small sampling of the total number of sales and it is probably not a true reflection of what is actually occurring. However, it may be possible to claim that there is a small degree of validity that is a result predicated on the number of years during which the responses have been tabulated. Any other conclusion is a product of your mind.


Just to Be Clear

Of the 152 responses compiled in June 2015, a part of the 4,375 recorded total sales, only 5.9% of those 152 responses indicate that New Canadian Friends – those who arrived in Vancouver from somewhere outside of Canada, bought some type of home.

If you choose to apply fuzzy math to these figures you might get this result. Accordingly 5.9% of 4,375 sales implies that 258 of those sold units were purchased by individuals who arrived on Vancouver’s super natural shores from places outside of Canada. With that purchase they have staked their claim to this place considered different from all others.

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*Disclaimer: Statistics Courtesy REBGV. While believed to be accurate they are not guaranteed.
**Numbers provided may vary as they are dynamically posted by the REBGV.

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